Joint Replacement Surgery in Tampa, Clearwater & St. Petersburg from an Experienced, Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon

Joint Replacement TampaIf you are considering joint replacement surgery, it helps to have a caring medical staff that can guide you through the decision-making process and explain the risks and benefits of this type of procedure. At Tampa Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Group (TOSM), we prioritize patient care and education, which is why we answer your questions, pay attention to your needs, and provide you with an honest, realistic picture of what to anticipate before, during, and after your joint replacement surgery.

At TOSM, our Board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Daniel Murphy, M.D., is highly specialized in the following joint procedures:

  • Knee replacement – Also called knee arthroplasty, this is a procedure in which the degenerated portions of the femur and tibia are removed and replaced with an artificial joint. These are the areas of the knee that bear the most weight and tend to degenerate due to age or high-impact sports. TOSM uses the Stryker® Triathlon implant system for total and partial knee replacement to offer patients maximum range of motion and weight-bearing capabilities.
  • Hip replacement – This type of joint surgery replaces the ball-and-socket hip joint, specifically the acetabulum (socket) and the top portion of the thigh bone (ball). It is primarily reserved for patients with severe osteoarthritis who have not been able to find relief with non-surgical treatments, or those who have sustained serious hip fractures. TOSM uses the Stryker® Accolade implant system for total and partial hip replacement to offer patients maximum stability and flexibility.

In addition to joint replacement surgery, our orthopaedic clinic offers a wide range of other surgical treatments for sports injuries and osteoarthritis, including arthroscopic surgery, rotator cuff surgery, ACL surgery, meniscus surgery, and more. In the event that your condition does not require surgery, we also offer a variety of non-surgical joint pain treatment options for patients in Tampa, Brooksville, Naples, Bonita Springs, and elsewhere throughout the Tampa Bay area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.