Gel-One® Hyaluronate Injections for Knee Osteoarthritis 

Gel-One Tampa Tampa Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Group – a division of Florida Medical Clinic and the longest-running orthopedic practice in the Tampa area – is proud to offer a variety of non-surgical therapies to patients with knee osteoarthritis. One such method is Gel-One® Hyaluronate, an injectable treatment that may be a viable option for patients who cannot find adequate pain relief through more conservative approaches like physical therapy and medication.

How does Gel-One work?

Gel-One is an advancement in an evidence-based treatment called hyaluronic acid injection, also referred to as viscosupplementation. A naturally occurring joint fluid, hyaluronic acid can help lubricate the joint and promote more fluid, comfortable movement when injected into the intra-articular space of the knee (usually with the help of a topical anesthetic). Gel-One improves upon traditional hyaluronic acid injections by reducing the necessary dosage amount and decreasing the likelihood of side effects, such as lingering soreness following injection. Up to three injections may be recommended based on the patient’s symptoms and response to treatment.

Take the next step

Gel-One has the potential to help certain patients with knee osteoarthritis delay or even avoid the need for surgical treatment. If you would like to discover more about the benefits of hyaluronic acid injection and what knee osteoarthritis treatments may be best for you, contact Tampa Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Group today. Led by board-certified specialists, our practice provides a full spectrum of advanced musculoskeletal care to adolescents, adults, and seniors in the Tampa area.